Everyday AI | Empowering Knowledge Workers
From Forbes Insights: Use AI for a transformational impact on knowledge workers. Eliminate repetitive tasks. Streamline decision making. Gain new insights.

Everyday AI: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Empower the Knowledge Worker

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Find out how AI empowers employees, streamlining collaboration and eliminating repetitive tasks. Forbes Insights surveyed 387 senior executives and interviewed representatives from five companies, ranging from retail to government and healthcare. This white paper provides an unbiased, real-world perspective on how AI is empowering knowledge workers—and how to get your AI programs up and running effectively:
  • Learn three areas where experts say you should focus your AI efforts.
  • Find out what knowledge workers consider the mission-critical benefits of AI.
  • See why one retail company declared: “The ROI is phenomenal.”
  • Track which channels businesses use to enhance AI readiness—from training to university partnerships.
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