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Learn how social and emotional learning can help students succeed in the age of AI, with this free white paper.

Emotion and Cognition in the Age of AI

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Educators around the world consider emotional well-being and social learning to be key to student success. In addition to helping students develop valuable skills and strengths for a fast-changing world, where AI and other technologies continue to evolve, emotional well-being drives cognition and learning.

This Microsoft-sponsored white paper by The Economist Intelligence Unit explores—through an international survey, expert advisory panel, and academic literature review—the importance of social and emotional learning. Read the white paper to:

  • Understand how emotional well-being is important for developing foundational literacies, emotional literacy, communication skills, and critical thinking.
  • Learn about using technology such as virtual and augmented reality to support well-being, teach empathy, and develop social skills.
  • Explore evidence showing how developing strong well-being skills helps improve critical attributes such as emotional self-regulation, autonomy, sleep, and physical health.
  • Discover best practices and approaches for educators to support well-being plans in schools.
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