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Join this webinar to learn how orchestrating a holistic customer journey can drive intent and make every interaction count.

Customer Journey Orchestration: Make Every Interaction Count

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As the economy rebounds from the pandemic, organization across industries are experiencing a dramatic increase in demand for digital-first solutions that deliver more customized experiences. At the same time, the explosion of potential customer interaction points across new channels, devices, and applications, makes delivering a consistent experience that meets and exceeds expectations almost impossible. It’s critical for your organization to orchestrate a holistic end-to-end journey for each customer that adds value at every interaction and drives intent through seamlessly connected experiences in both the physical and digital worlds. To win and retain customers in this new environment, organizations across industries are leveraging rich AI-powered segments and insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights along with journey-orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Watch this webinar, featuring guest speaker, Rusty Warner, Vice President, Principal Analyst from Forrester, to learn how leading organizations are leveraging a new breed of journey management tools to fuse data across channels, touchpoints, and systems to better understand and orchestrate customer experiences. You’ll also discover how digital leaders are working across lines of business to be data-driven at every customer touchpoint. 

 Join us to learn about: 

  • Data-first, orchestration-driven personalization to drive business value 
  • Role of data and AI to power intent-based experiences
  • Making the transition from simply managing individual touchpoints to managing the journey 
  • An overview from Microsoft of its new real-time journey orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing to help you win and retain more customers  


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