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Building Smart Communities of the Future

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Building Smart Communities of the Future

Learn how to build a plan for a smart city that’s ready to meet future needs. Read this IDC white paper that Microsoft sponsored to help you create a solid strategy for your city’s transformation.

  • See how the smart city of the future will look. View a snapshot of how trends and technological innovations will shape cities.

  • Discover the benefits of becoming a “digital native city.” Find out why your city will be able to innovate faster, do more for its residents, and have a more empowered workforce.

  • Find out what kinds of changes are involved. Learn how residents’ expectations, your city’s operations, and the workforce will evolve.

  • Explore ways to scale digital innovation. Find out how to make your citywide deployments more efficient.

  • Start your transformation now. Discover eight things your city can do now to start becoming a future-ready smart city.

Read this white paper to get a head start on your smart city transformation.

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