Bringing Smart Living to Your City | Microsoft
Explore life in a city that’s connected by intelligent cloud technologies. View this infographic to see how a smart city improves life for everyone in it.

Bringing smart living to your city

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See how creating a smart city will improve life for residents and city employees.

Explore this infographic to discover the benefits of connecting your city through intelligent cloud technologies. Find out how you’ll make your city more successful and more accessible as you:

  • Enhance your city’s transportation. Create more efficient transportation systems and reduce traffic congestion.

  • Build smarter public works and infrastructure. Develop more proactive operations that reduce costs and promote engagement.

  • Optimize public health and social services. Do more for your residents while improving efficiency and maintaining privacy and compliance.

  • Improve public safety and justice. Increase safety and security, and make judicial proceedings more efficient and transparent.

  • Upgrade the skills of residents and city employees. Help people thrive through digital learning that builds valuable new skills.

View the infographic to see how smart living could look in your city.
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