Connected Field Service | Microsoft Dynamics 365
Download this e-book to explore the advantages of connected field service and assess whether you’re ready to modernize your field service organization.

Five Ways to Know If Connected Field Service Is Right for Your Business

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Internet-ready devices are revolutionizing field service by allowing organizations to monitor equipment remotely, troubleshoot faulty devices, and often complete repairs before the customer knows there’s even a problem.

This proactive service model is more profitable, dramatically improves key performance indicators (KPIs) like first-time fix rates, and paves the way for future use of innovative, customer-centric tools like Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality.

Read this 20-page guide to determine whether your organization is ready to take the significant step toward faster repairs, reduced downtime, and more satisfied customers:

  • Explore the three levels of connected field service to assess your organization’s needs.
  • Use five indicators of readiness to evaluate whether connected field service is right for your business.
  • Discover nine advantages of using Internet-ready devices to optimize scheduling and predict and proactively prevent breakdowns.