Solve the productivity puzzle.

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Solve the productivity puzzle.

Productivity is often seen as the holy grail for business. Yet the approach many businesses take to getting the best out of their staff actually has the opposite effect.

Open-plan workspaces, for example, are great for collaboration. But they fail to cater for those who need peace and quiet to generate new ideas or tackle complex problems.

Close oversight of people’s tasks and projects may help them feel supported—and ensure the right resources are in place to deliver on objectives. But micromanagement is also stifling people’s creativity.

Finally, the productivity tools and devices that employers think are adequate don’t match up to the reality of what people really need to do their best work.

These three challenges make up today’s ‘productivity puzzle’.

To help you solve it, download our e-book that looks at how you can:

  • Facilitate the different workstyles needed in a modern business environment.
  • Adopt a management style that empowers people to work in the best way for them.
  • Equip people with tools that allow them to switch between different work modes seamlessly.