SQL Server on Linux Engineering Town Hall: Monitoring


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SQL Server on Linux Engineering Town Hall: Monitoring

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To enable you to choose the best platform for your data and applications, SQL Server is bringing its world-class RDBMS to open source enterprise ecosystems with SQL Server on Linux.

Learn about recent developments and get answers to your questions at twice-monthly virtual town halls, where Microsoft connects you with the team behind SQL Server on Linux. Each session will begin with a new topic, but all questions about SQL on Linux are welcome. At May’s event, you’ll:

  • Engage with—and ask questions of—the SQL Server on Linux engineering team.
  • Get an overview of monitoring SQL Server on Windows.
  • Watch live demos showing how easy it is to gather insights from SQL Server on Linux. Demos will include gathering insights with DMVs, new tools, and an open source monitoring solution with Grafana, as well as a demo from one of our monitoring partners.

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