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Get the SQL Server 2017 technical details you’ve been seeking

Gain deeper understanding of SQL Server 2017 in operation, including data integration, advanced analytics, and native Linux support

By now you’ve heard that SQL Server 2017 brings the enterprise capabilities of SQL to Linux as well as Windows. Equally important, SQL Server 2017 is engineered to handle the fast-evolving needs of modern data developers and administrators. Ready to look under the hood?

This technical white paper takes a deep look at the industry landscape and the operational role SQL Server 2017 plays in delivering the powerful insights that modern organizations need and expect. In addition to now-standard features like advanced analytics and machine intelligence, SQL Server 2017 provides industry-leading security and a roadmap for both structured and unstructured data sources, be they on premises or in the cloud. Key topics include:

  • Operational usage
  • Data warehousing
  • Data integration and modernization
  • Security and the Azure cloud
  • SQL Server 2017 on Linux and containers

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