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Claim your SQL Server 2017 on Linux offer today

The power of SQL Server is now available on Linux. Run your Linux workloads on SQL Server 2017 and receive our best pricing offer and the full flexibility of a subscription model.* Fill out the short form at right to have one of our specialists reach out with the information and support you need to get started.

SQL Server 2017 brings the enterprise features you want—high availability, scalability, security, performance, and more—to the open-source platform you love. With this flexibility, your database administrators can work with the SQL Server they know across your entire IT ecosystem.

This offer provides access to install and run SQL Server 2017 on Linux through an annual subscription, at significant savings from our traditional subscription price.

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*To qualify for this offer, you must have an active SCE (Server and Cloud Enrollment) for SQL, an EA (Enterprise Agreement), or EAS (Enterprise Agreement Subscription). If you have an SCE that does not involve commitment to SQL (e.g., an SCE for VSO), you must comply with the SQL minimum requirements in the SCE. For signing a net-new qualifying agreement (SCE, EA, or EAS) to get access to this offer, program terms of the qualifying agreement apply.