Modernize your enterprise Linux data with SQL Server 2017

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Modernize your enterprise Linux data with SQL Server 2017

Get the enterprise database you want on the platform you love

By now you’ve heard that SQL Server 2017 offers native support for Linux as well as Windows. Ready for a deeper look at what that really means for open-source developers?

SQL Server 2017 is engineered to handle the heterogeneous environments of open-source data and applications. In this technical white paper, you’ll get an operational view of the industry-leading relational database engine, with focus on leveraging SQL Server capabilities to deliver powerful insights in ways that open-source developers and IT specialists need and expect. In addition to now-standard features like advanced analytics and machine intelligence, SQL Server 2017 provides industry-leading security as well as interoperability with open-source applications and tools.

Key topics in this white paper include:

  • SQL Server 2017 features available on Linux.
  • Mission-critical high availability.
  • Performance and security features.
  • Getting started with SQL Server 2017 on Linux and containers.

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