SAS to R Migration for Financial Services:
Best Practices and Examples

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SAS to R Migration for Financial Services:
Best Practices and Examples

November 15, 2016 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT

R has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages with its power in data analysis and statistics.  There is a trend among different industries to migrate existing SAS workloads to R and Microsoft R. This talk will be beneficial if you are a SAS user who wants to switch to R and learn a few tricks for code migration.

In this talk, we will start by sharing the differences between SAS and R. Then we’ll show how to convert SAS routines to R in some typical data processing tasks in financial services, such as counting delinquencies by accounts, calculating total expenses by accounts and transposing data, and also treatment of important SAS concepts such as “retain”, “first.” and “last”.

We will focus on 8 SAS to R migration examples: 

  1. Loading data in SAS and R 
  2. Data Preprocessing 
  3. Determination of how many times delinquency occurred for each account 
  4. Determination of total expense for each account  
  5. Transposing data from long format to wide format
  6. Determine how many months in a roll an account makes on-time payment  
  7. Move delinquent status information to previous month 
  8. Merge bank transaction data with customer profile table 

Join the talk to see how R can handle these analytics scenarios for the finance industry which are usually done with SAS.