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What if you could take advantage of the cloud to achieve both efficiency and innovation across business domains and applications for your entire IT portfolio?

With a good roadmap and proven strategies to lead the way, you can. The enterprises that are ahead in cloud adoption have both a vision and clear process for making and acting on decisions. A thorough strategy can support you at any stage in the journey, from assessing your application catalog to charting your course, to gaining a competitive edge.

Join speaker Eduardo Kassner, Cloud and Data Services Architecture, Worldwide Director, to learn how to lead the journey to the cloud and how to drive innovation within your organization

View this webinar to learn:

  • What makes the cloud so compelling to enterprises
  • Top approaches for cloud adoption and where they land with Microsoft offerings
  • Mapping your customers’ visions to a repeatable process for starting or migrating workloads
  • Microsoft’s own experience moving to the cloud

Eduardo Kassner

Cloud Solution Architecture,
WW Director