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Upgrade your on-premises applications or migrate them to the cloud. The Data Accelerator program gives you the flexibility to modernize your apps based on your customers’ needs.

Join the program to:

  • Modernize your on-premises applications or extend your apps to support SQL Server on Linux with SQL Server 2017.
  • Seamlessly migrate your on-premise apps to cloud-ready solutions at a cost-effective scale, with flexible performance and unmatched platform-as-a-service capabilities, using Azure SQL Database.
  • Easily convert on-premises SQL Server apps (version 2008 or later) with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance and achieve near-total SQL Server compatibility with the benefits of platform as a service.
  • Get the most from your open-source investments by modernizing your on-premises open-source apps using Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL, and gain built-in high availability and enterprise-grade security with Azure.
  • Migrate your SQL Server apps that were certified on previous versions of SQL Server to the newest version using the source database compatibility level setting. This allows you to maintain functional parity and comparable query plans on the target platform for most applications.


  • Gain efficiency with automated tools across your application lifecycle, including assessments, upgrades, and post-upgrade verifications, using the latest Microsoft data platform innovations.
  • Get real-world advice from our experts on guidance, best practices, tips, techniques, and tools for making your modernization successful.


To qualify for Data Accelerator, you must:

  1. Be ready to proceed with one of the identified modernization scenarios within three months or less.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to provide application readiness and resources to support your upgrade or migration efforts.
  3. Register on this page. Upon enrollment your company will be asked to agree to the Microsoft Terms and Conditions as they pertain to Data Accelerator.

Once we review your registration and determine that you meet the program criteria, we'll send you an email to confirm next steps for your Data Accelerator program engagement.