Go deeper with Windows as a Service

See why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows-based operating system ever

With Windows 10, you can simplify IT and save costs, and also enjoy extensive identity, data, service, and network protections that are not available in Windows 7.

With Windows as a Service, we’re beginning the journey to simplify the delivery and management of Windows, while providing the most flexible management and deployment options today. With One Windows, we have one app platform, one security model, and a flexible management approach that can reduce complexity and save costs.

Join this webcast to:

  • Refresh your memory on what Windows as a Service means, and understand how it applies to your own business
  • Get an overview of the management features and integrations in Windows 10 that make it simpler but also more flexible, such as In-Place Upgrade, Dynamic Provisioning, Azure Active Directory, and Mobile Device Management
  • Learn more about App-V and UE-V, which makes management of applications and settings more streamlined

Todd Furst

Technical Architect
Microsoft Corporation