Better compliance with regulatory demands starts here

Risk and actuarial modeling are among the fastest growing workloads in insurance

The Microsoft cloud is helping insurers to manage increasing demands, including regulatory demands, in ways that deliver immediate value to the business and its customers. Motivated by some of the major regulatory issues we’ve encountered over the last few years, insurers are now being asked to run more complex models, more often.

Combine on-demand capacity with ground-breaking advanced analytics that are unique to Microsoft, and that’s where the cloud can make a real difference for you.

Join this webcast to:

  • Learn how the Microsoft cloud enables insurers to dramatically improve their risk and actuarial modeling environments
  • Stay ahead of regulatory reporting demands
  • Explore the power of on-demand capacity with the ground-breaking advanced analytics that are unique to Microsoft

Ivan Kosyakov

Technical Solutions Professional

Jonathan Silverman

Director of Business Development,
Financial Services