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Companies of all sizes are under pressure to deliver greater results

The search for quicker and more impactful results, while balancing costs, governance, and agility, are one of the biggest challenges of many IT organizations. While applications – developed internally, packaged, or off-shored – are the engine behind business transformation, the ability to deliver better apps is compromised by the lack of environments to proper develop and test them. High hardware procurement time and costs are usually major roadblocks faced by IT.

Cloud computing plays a key role in providing application teams with the tools needed to develop and test in production-like environment, while never ignoring costs, security, and agility.

Join this webcast to learn how to:

  • Understand the challenges in IT to provision development and testing environments for applications teams
  • See how cloud computing and Microsoft Azure can be the answer for dev-test environments
  • Learn about Microsoft Azure and the Azure Dev-Test Offer
  • Receive an overview of dev-test labs and governance and security of dev-test environments

Rajesh Agadi

Technical Solutions Professional

Rodrigo de Carvalho

Cloud Application Development Marketing Manager