How well do your understand your ideal buyer?

As sales and marketing becomes more complex, creating a successful lead generation strategy means you first make time to figure out who you're marketing and selling to.

Defining the profile of your ideal buyer focuses your sales and marketing efforts on generating high quality sales leads through targeted messaging at various stages in the buyer’s journey.

Join this webcast to learn:

  • Why defining the ideal customer profile is the first step in lead generation
  • What the 5 steps are to creating an ideal customer profile
  • How to create sales and marketing messaging to support each profile type
  • Which questions to ask during the process
  • How to tailor your approach before someone buys, during the buying process, and after a purchase is made

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Ardath Albee

B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO
Marketing Interactions, Inc.

Kerry Cunningham

Senior Research Director
Demand Creation Strategies

Barbara Giamanco

Social Centered Selling