Help your customers fully realize the value of data

Is your data warehouse meeting your customers needs?

Your business users are demanding analytics over unstructured data, and to fully realize the value of data, you need a complete platform that can manage both structured and unstructured data with security, consistency, and credibility.

Is your data warehouse up to the task? When does it make sense to augment your data warehouse or completely migrate to an alternative?

Data warehouse and big data solutions from Microsoft provide a trusted infrastructure that can handle all types of data, and scale from terabytes to petabytes, with real-time performance.

Join this webcast to:

  • Learn about the process, tools, and reference architectures for data warehouse migration
  • Understand when it's time to augment your data warehouse or migrate to an alternative
  • Get to know the benefits of migrating off of insufficient solutions, as reported by Microsoft customers

This webcast is part of our Transform your data warehouse webcast series. Sign up for this session, or the entire series today!

Ivan Kosyakov

Technical Solutions Professional

Mark Lochbihler

Director of Partner Engineering