The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud for State and Local Governments

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State and Local Governments are under more and more pressure to innovate. With budgets tight and security concerns rampant, IT leaders and implementers at State and Local Governments are expected to find solutions and make that innovation possible.

The key is digital transformation, specifically moving to the cloud. It’s a big step that can lead to more computing power for data-driven decision making, a stronger cybersecurity framework that mitigates risks in an automated, centralized way, and greater modernization to serve the public good.

We’re going to explore the distinct reasons why you and your agency can benefit from moving to the cloud. By the end, you should know the challenges and opportunities that will come with a government cloud solution.

Key takeaways include: 

Advantages for State and Local Governments of moving to the cloud in an environment where technology is reshaping the expectations of IT in government.

- Opportunities and mitigation strategies for State and Local Governments contending with new and evolving security challenges.

- How State and Local Governments can leverage the cloud to deliver better, faster services to citizen constituents.