Windows 10 Advanced Security

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Windows 10 Advanced Security

Discover how your business can be on the offensive against cyberthreats with Windows 10

The threat landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years. Another day, another headline about an organization getting breached.

Microsoft has responded by changing the architecture of Windows 10 so that we're not just building bigger walls against these attacks, we're locking the threats out. Windows 10 is designed to be the most secure Windows yet.

This webinar series will help you discover how your business can benefit from the most secure Windows yet.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Watch this webinar to learn how your organization can save on costs with Windows Defender ATP and get your questions answered by a Windows Security product manager. Read more.

Guard your business against ransomware with Windows 10

Explore case studies of recent outbreaks, see a demo some of the protections built into Windows 10 to stop ransomware, and discuss how you can protect your machines from future outbreaks. Read more.

Taking Windows Defender ATP into new territory: Protect, detect, and respond

Watch this webinar to learn how Windows is raising the bar on security from endpoint protection (EPP) to endpoint detection and response (EDR). Read more.