Empower Firstline Workers to Serve Customers and Accelerate Business


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Empower Firstline Workers to Serve Customers and Accelerate Business

Empower the employees who represent your brand first

Firstline workers are the lifeblood of many organizations. Representing more than 2 billion people, they're the first point of contact with customers, the first to represent the brand, and the first to see products and services in action. In an increasingly digital world, it is their daily ingenuity, creativity, and innovation that determines if a company succeeds or fails.

During this event, industry analysts, Microsoft partners, and customers from North America will come together to discuss the questions that are most pertinent to businesses: What are the best ways to gather and share company insights and knowledge with your firstline workers? How can you address productivity and turnover challenges and create a culture of collaboration? And how can your firstline workforce help prevent data breaches?

Register for this event to:

  • Learn what you can do to radically improve the collaboration styles with your firstline workers
  • Find out how to boost firstline worker productivity, build community and a creative culture
  • Discover how Microsoft 365 Enterprise is the complete, intelligent solution to empower employees

An organization's digital transformation isn't complete until it includes all employees. Attend this virtual event to learn how you can support your firstline workforce to increase company success. Join the conversation on Twitter using #EmpowerFirstline.

Chapter 1 Welcome & Keynote Address - The Worker of the Future: Are You Supporting Your Firstline Workforce?
Kate Yaeger, Alan Lepofsky

Don't miss this session with Alan Lepofsky to learn about the importance of supporting your firstline workers and enabling their creativity in an age of digital transformation and AI.
Chapter 2 Empowering the Workers Who Represent Your Organization
Catherine Boeger, Brad McCabe

Learn how Microsoft 365 and StaffHub can help foster culture and community, and digitize business processes across your organization.
Chapter 3 Digital Transformation and the Firstline Workforce
Brandon Antin, Mike Harris, Mike Marsman, Eric Sugar, Rohana Meade

Hear from Microsoft partners and customers, across a variety of industries, as we discuss how they've improved collaboration and communication among firstline workers. Join the live Q&A via Twitter using #EmpowerFirstline.
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