Discover, Assess, and Migrate Your Servers and Databases with Azure Migrate

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Discover, Assess, and Migrate Your Servers and Databases with Azure Migrate

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 | 2pm - 5pm Eastern

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Azure Migrate provides a central hub to track discovery, assessments, and migration of your on-premises apps, workloads, and private/public cloud VMs to Microsoft Azure.

During this immersive experience, you will learn how to use Azure Migrate to discover, assess, and migrate on-prem Hyper-V virtual machines to Azure. This new course is designed to give you a real-life, hands-on experience with how to migrate your own servers and databases, and optimize your company’s Azure investment.

These live, online sessions are limited to 20 participants and fill up fast. Register today to save your seat!

What participants are saying:

“Fantastic hands on learning.”

“This immersion lab is a great approach.”

“Great session, very informative. This session is very helpful to understand Azure solutions. Thank you!”

Browser Requirements

  • Use HTML5 Supported Browser (Microsoft Edge Beta, Google Chrome & Firefox are supported)
  • Enable pop-ups & Flash
  • Do not block TinyURLs or shortened URLs
  • Enable RDP (mac client present if necessary)
  • Ensure you are not on a VPN

Other Requirements

  • Screen: Minimum desktop resolution of 1366 x 768
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer, Mac or Linux requires a 3rd party RDP client
  • Bandwidth: minimum 2.5 - 3 MB
  • Ports: Make sure Ports 443, 3389, and 80 on your network are opened to allow outgoing access