Build intelligent apps faster with Azure SQL Database

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Build intelligent apps faster with Azure SQL Database

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Applications show intelligence when they can spot trends, react to unusual events, predict outcomes or recommend choices. Applications can also benefit when intelligence is applied to their underlying databases to optimize their performance. Most everyday apps, from consumer to enterprise, can deliver greater customer or business benefit by learning from user behavior and other signals and delivering that value quickly and consistently.

In this session we’ll take a pragmatic look at introducing real, useful data-driven intelligence into apps by walking through services, code and data needed to make it happen. We will also look at how Azure SQL Database continuously evaluates your data, learning and adapting to your application, and provides performance-improving recommendations tailored to your specific workload.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to instrument your app to collect telemetry and start a feedback loop.
  • How to add an intelligent behavior to your app with AI.
  • How to add search and recommendations to your app.
  • How automatic tuning and Intelligent Insights in SQL Database can improve your application’s performance.

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