Build, scale, and automate with GitHub Actions


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Build, scale, and automate with GitHub Actions

October 29, 2020
12:00 PM Eastern Time (9:00 AM Pacific Time)

Learn DevOps best practices for code-to-cloud automation using GitHub Actions

Learn how to use GitHub Actions for Azure to easily create resilient code-to-cloud workflows for your DevOps practice. The ability to scale and automate code is more important than ever, and developers need to be able to code, collaborate, and ship from anywhere using modern tools and best practices. Speed is key in this new reality, and GitHub Actions deployed on Azure is the accelerant to increase developer efficiency. 

Join us to learn how GitHub Actions can enable your dev team to: 

  • Innovate quickly so they can deliver customer value quickly. 
  • Automate processes and changes to production using Microsoft Azure.
  • Increase productivity with powerful, flexible CI/CD directly from GitHub.
  • Standardize and scale security, compliance, and CI/CD best practices across your organization.
  • Innovate faster with your industry leaders, partners, customers, and the open source community.


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