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As a developer, you don’t have time to constantly rewrite code and redeploy apps to make sure they’re delivering optimal end user experiences. You need to focus on driving growth.

Enter microservice-based applications on Azure. Microservices are an architectural approach based on fine-grained, loosely coupled services that can enable advanced developer agility, cloud scale, self-healing resilience, and always-on availability.

Learn how delivering microservice applications on Azure can give you the scale, power, and high availability you need as your business grows. Register for this webinar and Q&A today to:

  • Learn why microservices are an important industry trend
  • See why Azure is great for microservices
  • Discover what other customers are doing with microservices on Azure
  • Watch a demo of Service Fabric to see how easy it is to package, deploy, and manage microservices-based apps