Defense in depth: Secure your enterprise with advanced protection capabilities

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Establish a defensible fortress to protect your organization’s integrity and operations with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

What do guards in red coats and bearskin hats have in common with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)? Sartorial choices aside, quite a bit. Both establish multiple, reinforcing defensive rings that are tightly integrated with the systems they protect. Both provide visibility into existing and emerging vulnerabilities. And both enable better insights by giving you the ability to monitor and control activity.

Read Defense in Depth: Enterprise Mobility + Security Advanced Protection Capabilities to learn about the defensive rings built into EMS, including:

  • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection Security Reports: watchmen in the towers
  • Azure Active Directory Risk-Based Conditional Access: guards at the gate
  • Microsoft Cloud Application Security: security escorts
  • Advanced Threat Analytics: your watchman in the treasury
  • Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management: the keeper of the keys
  • Azure Information Protection: mounted cavalry that protects treasure in transit
  • Microsoft Intune Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management: protector of the armory