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Build the right developer playground with a powerful, open cloud ebook

Beaming up to the cloud: Mission briefings for open source IT leaders on hybrid cloud, auto-scaling, and microservices

Building an enterprise-worthy developer environment is a lot like commanding a starship. Your success—and that of your crew—hinges on your ability to run the cloud of tomorrow with tools that power productivity and innovation.

This eBook is the IT leader's "mission briefing" for exploring new capabilities built in the cloud—including hybrid distribution, smart scaling, and microservice architectures.

Key topics covered in this eBook include:

  • Meet demand on IT to do more, faster by sustainably building cloud muscle.
  • Be ready with new management tools to activate this year’s biggest CAPEX money-saver—hybrid cloud—head on.
  • Power enterprise applications to gain agility and resilience at scale with microservice architectures.

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