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Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Whitepaper

As technology pervades nearly every aspect of our daily lives, countries around the world are seeing the economic, social, and cultural benefits of digital transformation. To enable digital economies, nations are turning to their education systems to prepare and inspire students to enter the field of Computer Science. For much of the past decade, educators, researchers, and industry have worked together to determine what our children should be learning about Computer Science, when they should start learning it, and how it should be taught. There is much that can be learned from the successes and challenges that have faced education systems as they have attempted to implement Computer Science curricula in their schools.

Microsoft has a long track record in helping countries develop and support education programs around Computer Science at all levels of schooling. We have created the Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Toolkit, comprising a white paper on Computer Science education, and the Microsoft Computer Science Framework (MCSF) which includes curriculum structure and guidance, as well as a program of study objectives and proposed content for Computer Science that spans learners from ages 5 to18. This curriculum framework is based on our years of expertise as a leader in the computing industry, on academic research around the teaching of Computer Science, and on learnings from countries around the world. The MCSF provides an innovative approach to learning Computer Science based on solving real-world problems and makes use of the vast array of resources that Microsoft has created for schools over the past decades. It is flexible enough that it can be used to complement a national Computer Science curriculum or can be adapted or supplemented with additional teaching and learning resources.