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Business leaders see innovative workplace culture as a business imperative.

With the onset of the global pandemic, we’ve seen a 200+ year-old rhythm of business, consisting of a 9-5 working day and a hectic commute on either side, completely upended when employees had to work remotely.

With organizations across Western Europe adapting to the new normal, Microsoft commissioned new research with Boston Consulting Group and KRC Research to help our customers navigate this uncertain time and best support their talent. Engaging with thousands of workers and leaders across Western Europe, we asked people about their experiences with remote working as well as about their expectations for the future. 

This whitepaper contains the findings of the research as well as practical guidance on how to continue delivering on productivity and innovation in the new normal of hybrid work.

  • The (longterm) benefits of hybrid working for business leaders and employees
  • Lessons learned by business leaders: ensuring productivity is easy, promoting innovation less so
  • The impact of the right technology, training and empowerment towards a successful hybrid workplace culture
  • Benefits of an innovative workplace culture in a hybrid world
  • Guidance on how companies can create an innovative workplace culture

Read the whitepaper to read the full details of the findings and get clear, practical guidance on how to drive productivity and innovation in a hybrid workplace culture.
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