Microsoft Envision the Netherlands - 23 February 2022

Microsoft Envision the Netherlands

Building skills for a Digital Future

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Microsoft Envision the Netherlands - 23 February 2022

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The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing: a time in which almost everything becomes digital. The way we work has changed radically and permanently. For the first time, there are more vacancies than job applicants and more roles are emerging which all requires digital skills! This means we have to put effort into attracting and retaining the right talent. Led by Rick Nieman, speakers from different fields discuss how you can best bind talent.

During Microsoft Envision the Netherlands, talk show host Rick Nieman received our guest speakers from LinkedIn, ABN AMRO Bank, Achmea, Ahold Delhaize, Techionista, SURF, Gemeente Leiden, mboRijnland and Microsoft. Together they provided answers to the following questions:

The Great Reshuffle:
Recognize employees who want to keep learning
Invest in the skills of your employees

Rethink how to unlock talent:
Research how to attract a diverse audience
Write inclusive job postings
Get to know a person first before looking at their qualifications

Redefine the way you work:
Lead by example: be unavailable outside working hours
Make your company future-proof by creating various work scenarios
Give employees advice and options and specifically ask for their feedback

Adapt the way of learning:
Education and business must work together
Digital skills are the future
Teach basic digital skills
Inspire to keep learning
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