4 ways Microsoft Surface devices can boost cyber resiliency

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4 ways Microsoft Surface devices can boost cyber resiliency

The changing world has escalated security threats as businesses shift to modern work environments with geographically distributed devices. Without the protection of secured offices and internal networks, devices are now the front line between an organization's data and digital threats.

IT endpoint protection alone is no longer sufficient, and old devices can’t protect themselves against modern threats. This webinar will take device choice, features to understand and implement, and their importance to security several steps deeper through Surface. We’ll cover the importance of chip-to-cloud security, multi-factor authentication (MFA), Zero Trust principles, modern anti-malware, and consistent updates.

In this video, we’ll demonstrate four ways Microsoft Surface can help your organization build cyber resilience:

  • Leverage secure hardware such as a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM 2.0), Pluton technology, Windows Hello for Business, and more.
  • Secure your firmware by proactively blocking threats through Windows Update for Business. 
  • Unlock powerful Windows 11 security that protects against phishing attacks and password leaks, enabled by default. 
  • Deploy and manage devices safely by reducing the possibility of attacks and remediate problems before they go too far.

Take the leap from security defense to cyber resilience with Microsoft Surface and ensure your business, your employees, and your customers’ data stay safe


Who should attend: 

  • IT leaders responsible for making technology decisions and guiding security strategy.
  • IT professionals who manage their organization’s devices and security infrastructure.

What you’ll learn:

  • The concept of cyber resilience, its core practices, and organizational imperatives for making it a reality.
  • Why device choice is crucial to building cyber resiliency.
  • Strategies for using Surface alongside Microsoft security and management features to protect your organization.
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