Nordic community event for software companies – DevOps Edition

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Nordic community event for software companies – DevOps Edition

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Are you a software company? Are you looking for a cloud platform to support and scale your business? Trying to figure out which is best for building up your DevOps practices and competencies?
Look no further!

We will deep - dive into the topic of DevOps and why it should be in the heart of your organization. In order to solve problems, adapt to new technology, and collaborate across teams, software companies are rapidly realizing the value of GitHub and Azure DevOps together. You will hear from Martin Woodward, who prior to the role as Director of Developer Relations at GitHub was part of the team at Microsoft who built the tooling for DevOps teams inside and outside the company where he was recognised by Business Insider as one of Microsoft leading executives helping the company change how it built software. Join us on a tour of Microsoft's decade long DevOps journey so far, explaining why the company embarked on this transformation, what benefits it has already seen and what lessons you can take away from this journey and apply to your own software development. You will also hear from Templafy, a Danish fast growing software company having built a DevOps best practice. We will inspire you on more thoughts around DevOps and the advantages of partnering with Microsoft through a panel discussion with 4 Nordic software companies (see speakers list). This event will be held in English.