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ISV Community Event

4.2.2021 13:00 - 15:00 | (GMT+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius

Welcome to the third virtual community event for software companies to hear about collaboration models and tools for the software service business (SaaS). We'll review Microsoft's different levels of collaboration with software houses and services to increase and speed up your customer acquisition. SaaS applications are at the heart of the organization's software strategy, and previously self-hosted software is primarily replaced by new SaaS services. Traditional production and distribution is already in a minority in new or substitution procurement. In 2020 ,74% of business customers globally prefer the SaaS model when acquiring business applications. In 2013, the corresponding figure was 41%, so the trend is clear. Cloud platforms have contributed to this trend. Finnish ISV companies have been and will be the pioneers of this trend. Now is an excellent opportunity to hear from the world 's leading and most experienced professionals how to take advantage of this trend. To this breakthrough, we offer tools and services to partners to ensure and grow future business. In this session we go a bit deeper to technologies and tools that will help you in this journey.

Please note that the event is held in Finnish.

Speakers & Agenda: 

  • Marcus Gulberg, Director of Business Development, Microsoft Sweden. Marcus has background in technology, sales and marketing and has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years The was the first product manager for Azure in Sweden and has during the last 8 years in different roles where he helps partners transform their business to a SaaS-model expanding all over the world.
  • What does the road from a small start-up to global success look like? What are the most common mistakes and how do you avoid them? The tale of two Swedish ISVs that solved the puzzle and became world leaders.


The speakers:

Erno Aapa

  • Co-founder & COO @ Polar Squad, Founder of DevOpsFinland. Pushing DevOps forward since 2012. Over 15 years of experience from software development and practices

Masi Malmi

  • Azure Lead & DevOps consultant @ Polar Squad. Azure & DevOps expert with 10+ years of experience working with MS tech stack.

The presentation:

  • The modern approach to public cloud
  • Nowadays you cannot anymore select between one of the big computing providers and their technologies. The lines have faded. To stay in business, companies must leverage modern technologies, clouds and DevOps practices to stay agile and move rapidly. Polar Squad shares their view on how companies can use modern technologies to take the best out of public cloud platforms in a cloud-native way.


The speaker:

  • Ville Hämäläinen, CTO of Relex Solutions
  • Responsible of the software development and deployment of the RELEX Software as a Service for retail optimization. Ville holds a M.Sc. degree in Information Technology and is on his 27th year in the software development industry.

The presentation:

  • RELEX hybrid cloud journey
  • RELEX has grown with acquisitions which has resulted in a varied set of technology stacks and clouds. According to RELEX hybrid cloud strategy, the objective is to build applications on microservice architecture and share the microservices between applications where applicable. More and more of these microservices will run in Azure and utilize its best practices.