Powering Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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Powering Digital Transformation in Healthcare

How organizations across Europe are redefining healthcare standards through technology

The healthcare industry is coming out of an exceptionally challenging period that has shaken it to its very core. At this time of radical change for the sector, healthcare institutions across the world have shown outstanding resilience in quickly and effectively changing the way they work, support staff and treat patients.

From home-based consultations to tracking and tracing solutions, remote monitoring and more, the industry is exploring new ways to provide care by leveraging technology. This is testament to the critical role of digitalization in helping healthcare organizations deal with pre- and post-pandemic challenges – as well as driving innovation at a time it is needed the most.
For this reason, we’ve put together a new collection of stories titled ‘Powering digital transformation in healthcare’, which aims to inspire organizations in the industry to embrace technology. Featuring stories from some of Europe’s most pioneering institutions, this is an inspiring guide for organizations looking to innovate in the sector – shedding light on how you can better empower your staff, assist patients and save lives by harnessing data and technology.

Key takeaways include:

  • Guidance on how to drive excellence at your organization across 3 main focus areas
  • Success stories of healthcare leaders that are driving digital transformation in Europe
  • A round-up on the state of healthcare from Microsoft Western Europe’s Niall McDonagh, Healthcare Sector Director, and Veronica Jagher, Director Industry Solutions Health.

As the sector moves on to a post-pandemic era, this guide is designed to help you face the new healthcare landscape in the most innovative and efficient way.


Download the guide