Accelerating Citizen Services maturity and engagement

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Accelerating Citizen Services maturity and engagement

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Now more than ever, citizens are relying on the public sector to be responsive to their needs —no matter the day or hour. Citizens’ rising expectations are informed by their interactions with companies in the private sector, where needed information is just a click or tap away. Self-service portals, AI-enabled chat bots, and data-driven insights improve issue resolution rates and increase staff efficiency. Citizens feel empowered to access the information they need when they need it. Employees avoid getting bogged down in old processes and can truly accomplish the mission of the organisation.

In this Industry Circle you’ll from thought leaders and representatives of the city of Milano and Region Madrid how they are rethinking their operations to earn the trust of citizens and optimize their citizen experience maturity.

By the end of the session, you will learn:

  • Which parameters contribute to a growing citizen experience
  • How technology can support you to put citizens at the centre of the experience
  • How organizational insights and cross-agency collaboration impact overall service levels
  • The importance of skilling of civil servants in new technology to better serve citizens

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