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Microsoft DevOps Forum

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Join us for an exclusive one-day virtual forum and learn how to modernize your DevOps with Microsoft, GitHub, and partners.

What’s in store during the event: 

1. The opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s DevOps journey, with teams across the company sharing how we modernized our processes, and why we chose GitHub to drive this change. 

2. A breakdown of the advantages derived from establishing the right DevOps process for your teams. 

3. The cultural transformation required to get there—and the opportunities that arise from such a shift. 

4. Perspectives from Microsoft DevOps specialists, GitHub, partners, and other industry-leading enterprises. Even if you have deeply rooted existing processes, legacy software, and multiple teams and projects, you can learn how to unlock your company’s DevOps potential. There are limited spots available—so RSVP now to reserve yours!