Re-Imagine Retail Executive Series

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Re-Imagine Retail Executive Series

Monday, May 18, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Increase your store associates‘ productivity and agility

A retailer’s Firstline Workers are the physical embodiment of a its brand. They represent everything that your company is and can be for your customers. To ensure the best experience possible, your brand ambassadors should have the tools they need to collaborate with each other, connect with customers and help drive product transformation. But even more important than tools, you must establish an employee culture that is focused on the north star of your desired customer experience.

Microsoft Store recently redirected nearly 80% of our Firstline Workers to remote work in a period of less than 10 days in response to COVID-19 store closures. By enabling our greatest asset, our employee culture with the technology and processes they need to be successful, we were able to continue supporting our customers while also contributing to the company’s bottom line.

Join us to discuss this transition with our Store Leadership team, learn about the technology that enables this quick activation and hear our thoughts about what the future “new normal” may mean for retail.

We will also cover examples of other customers like H&M and how they leverage technology to let every store associate become a brand ambassador

Topics include:

  • Store vision
  • Enabling Firstline Workers
  • Running and measuring a Flagship operation
  • Inspiring examples of how to pivot a business to leverage employee talent
  • Store associates as brand ambassadors
  • The power of agility especially in times like this (high demands-remote-online)
  • The road ahead


  1. Microsoft’s Flagship Philosophy
  2. Driving Employee Enablement and Community Engagement
  3. Responding to COVID-19
  4. The Road Ahead
  5. Other customer examples like H&M
  6. Q&A 


Laura Nuhaan (Host)

Laura Nuhaan is passionate about innovation and the opportunities of tech. She is the Western European Lead for Retail & Consumer goods for Microsoft Enterprise Services helping companies and executives taking full advantage of digital opportunities aligning business & IT to accelerate execution from vision to value. Laura has a background in sales & marketing, author of Social Selling, and worked 10 years in Silicon Valley. She holds a degree in Business Economics.

John Carter

John Carter

John Carter has over 20 years of experience within the competitive retail environment in the UK. He opened and is the leader of Microsoft’s London Flagship store in Oxford Circus, overseeing a team of over 150 customer obsessed Firstline Workers. John has a reputation as a strong leader, and a passion for success and the ability to exceed targets both within and beyond the four walls of his store.


Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson has served as a leader in the Microsoft Store organization since 2014 and is a 16-year Microsoft veteran. Scott leads a team that showcases the Microsoft Store digital transformation journey and thought leadership in peer to peer discussions with Fortune 500 accounts worldwide. Prior to taking on his enterprise engagement role, he led the Microsoft Store strategy team and served as interim CFO for Microsoft Store.


Linda Pimmeshofer

Linda Pimmeshofer

Linda Pimmeshofer is passionate about customer experience and the intersection between retail and tech. She works as an industry executive covering the biggest Retailers and Consumer Goods companies within Western Europe, helping them to understand the possibilities of digitalization.
Linda runs by the thesis that digitalization is not only automation but using intelligence in every process starting with customer insights to be able to take the right decisions in every step of the business. Linda is collaborating with companies like H&M, ICA and Clas Ohlsson to understand how tech enable their visions, what role their physical space can play in the future and how to enlighten every customer meeting.