AI in European Manufacturing
Industries 2020

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For early adopters in the manufacturing sector, AI has completely changed how they do business. Find out how with our new report.

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AI in European Manufacturing Industries 2020

Microsoft partnered with EY to explore how AI can transform manufacturing.

For early adopters in the manufacturing sector, Artificial Iintelligence has already completely transformed how they do business.
These businesses are now at the top table of the industry, and are leading the way on innovation, up-skilling and operational efficiency.
But some businesses are still working out how to implement this groundbreaking new technology into their existing organisation.
That's why Microsoft, in partnership with EY, spoke to 86 manufacturing leaders from 15 countries across Western Europe - to share how business can implement AI solutions at scale, develop a workforce with the skills necessary to do so, and take advantage of all that AI has to offer. 

The report summarizes:

  • Key trends and practical use-cases in customer-facing interactions that are making operations more innovative and intelligent.
  • A detailed analysis of how AI can benefit your company in the future.
  • Customer cases across industries - including Volvo, AzkoNobel, Novo Nordisk and Buhler.
  • A clear pathway to value creation for manufacturing companies in Europe.

Read the report for clear, practical guidance on how artificial intelligence can drive productivity and innovation in your workplace.
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