Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH:
Modernizing Web Applications and Data


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Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH:
Modernizing Web Applications and Data

Tuesday, May 19th, 09:00 - 11:45

We are happy to invite you to the Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH on Tuesday, May 19th. This morning will be full of technical sessions based on our Microsoft Learning Paths.

Join us during this digital event to get inspired and to learn from our technical specialists. We have great speakers that will bring exclusive content and demos to you. Back in March, Microsoft Ignite The Tour Zürich got cancelled due to COVID-19. Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH is an alternative to speed you up and support you in your technical skills.


Time Modernizing Web Applications and Data
09:00 - 09:45 Migrating web applications to Azure
When Tailwind Traders acquired Northwind earlier this year, they decided to consolidate their on-premises applications with Tailwind Traders’ current applications running on Azure. Their goal: vastly simplify the complexity that comes with an on-premises installation. In this session, examine how a cloud architecture frees you up to focus on your applications, instead of your infrastructure. Then, see the options to “lift and shift” a web application to Azure, including: how to deploy, manage, monitor, and backup both a Node.js and .NET Core API, using Virtual Machines and Azure App Service.
Speaker: Joost de Wit 
10:00 - 10:45 Debugging and interacting with production applications
Now that Tailwind Traders is running fully on Azure, the developers must find ways to debug and interact with the production applications with minimal impact and maximal efficiency. Azure comes with a full set of tools and utilities that can be used to manage and monitor your applications. In this session, see how streaming logs work to monitor the production application in real time. We also talk about deployment slots that enable easy A/B testing of new features and show how Snapshot Debugging can be used to live debug applications. From there, we explore how you can use other tools to manage your websites and containers live.
Speaker: Dominique Broeglin 
11:00 - 11:45 Managing delivery of your app via DevOps
In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into automating and continuously deploying your application using Azure Services. We’ll start with the basics, discussing automated operations that developers control (DevOps) like A/B testing and automated approval gates. We’ll then take that entirely to the cloud using Azure’s new DevOps project, showing you how you can automate the deployment of a frontend web application, backend web service and database, and mobile application with a few clicks of a button.
Speaker: Raphael Bickel