Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH:
Developing Cloud Native Applications


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Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH:
Developing Cloud Native Applications

Tuesday, May 19th, 09:00 - 11:45

We are happy to invite you to the Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH on Tuesday, May 19th. This morning will be full of technical sessions based on our Microsoft Learning Paths.

Join us during this digital event to get inspired and to learn from our technical specialists. We have great speakers that will bring exclusive content and demos to you. Back in March, Microsoft Ignite The Tour Zürich got cancelled due to COVID-19. Microsoft Virtual Training Day | CH is an alternative to speed you up and support you in your technical skills.


Time Developing Cloud Native Applications
09:00 - 09:45 Options for building and running your app in the cloud
We’ll show you how Tailwind Traders avoided a single point of failure using cloud services to deploy their company website to multiple regions. We’ll cover all the options they considered, explain how and why they made their decisions, then dive into the components of their implementation. In this session, you’ll see how they used Microsoft technologies like VS Code, Azure Portal, and Azure CLI to build a secure application that runs and scales on Linux and Windows VMs and Azure Web Apps with a companion phone app.
Speaker: Alberto Molina Pérez
10:00 - 10:45 Consolidating infrastructure with Azure Kubernetes Service
Kubernetes is the open source container orchestration system that supercharges applications with scaling and reliability and unlocks advanced features, like A/B testing, Blue/Green deployments, canary builds, and dead-simple rollbacks. In this session, see how Tailwind Traders took a containerized application and deployed it to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of major Kubernetes concepts and how to put it all to use with industry standard tooling.
Speaker: Nicolas Roult
11:00 - 11:45 Taking your app to the next level with monitoring, performance, and scaling
Making sense of application logs and metrics has been a challenge at Tailwind Traders. Some of the most common questions getting asked within the company are: “How do we know what we're looking for? Do we look at logs? Metrics? Both?” Using Azure Monitor and Application Insights helps Tailwind Traders elevate their application logs to something a bit more powerful: telemetry. In session, you’ll learn how the team wired up Application Insights to their public-facing website and fixed a slow-loading home page. Then, we expand this concept of telemetry to determine how Tailwind Traders’ CosmosDB performance could be improved. Finally, we’ll look into capacity planning and scale with powerful yet easy services like Azure Front Door.
Speaker: Francesco Sodano