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Sustainability. Good for Business. Executive Playbook

Sustainability. Good for Business. Executive Playbook

The journey to sustainable transformation is one that all organizations must take. Not only is it something that stakeholders at every level now expect, but it can bring enormous benefits to both your business and the environment.

Organizations that succeed in adapting to more sustainable ways of working will attract more customers to their products, the best talent to their teams, and the most ambitious investors to help them grow and prosper.

Sustainability. Good for Business. Executive playbook’ is a blueprint for how business leaders can approach sustainable transformation to create long-term value for their organizations, providing:

  • Guides for six positions across C-suite looking at sustainability priorities, best practices, latest insights and actionable guides for roles in strategy, finance, commercial, operations, HR and technology.
  • Most significant sustainability topics and key carbon emission contributing activities per industry – Manufacturing, Financial, Retail, Energy, and Public.
  • Inspiring case studies that showcase how businesses across a range of industries are using technology to introduce more sustainable ways of working.

Take the first step towards a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.
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