IDC Citizen Experience Self-Assessment Workbook

Modernizing public services: Citizen Experience Self-Assessment Workbook

Deliver successful citizen experience strategies

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IDC Citizen Experience Self-Assessment Workbook

Providing a responsive and efficient service that meets citizens’ expectations has become a priority for public sectors across the EU. Governments must go beyond simply making services available online and embrace technology to provide the likes of self-service platforms and data-driven insights so citizens can access what they want, when they want it.

That’s why Microsoft has partnered with IDC to create the Citizen Experience Self-Assessment Workbook to help governments gain a deeper understanding of their current maturity level, and provide guidance on how to become more effective at delivering better citizen experience.

Divided into three practical parts, the workbook provides:

  • An introduction to the IDC CX Maturity Framework, so government organizations can begin benchmarking their current maturity level.
  • A deep-dive into the four dimensions of boosting citizen experiences: organizational self-awareness; citizen insights; citizen engagement and communication; and citizen context and trust.
  • Practical guidance on how to calculate your organization’s self-assessment score. Resources to build a business case to gain organizational buy-in for CX initiatives, including information about sources of funding.
  • The tools to build a roadmap to develop and execute successful CX strategies, including stages, measures, actions and outcomes.

Download the digital workbook now to find out how governments can drive their CX transformation and offer seamless, personalized, and proactive services, to meet citizen expectations.
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