Cloud Governance: A white paper on the necessary elements for monitoring, securing and assessing cloud usage

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Cloud Governance: A white paper on the necessary elements for monitoring, securing and assessing cloud usage

Cloud Governance white paper – how organizations can secure control and optimal data protection by utilizing cloud solutions  

Get a handle on data security & compliance by building good governance around the use of Microsoft Cloud Services.  

The white paper was last updated in March 2020.  
Over the summer of 2019, all legal elements relevant to the use of cloud computing were clarified. At the end of November 2019, the Danish Agency for Digitalization together with the Center for Cyber Security published the first Cloud Guidance paper to help Danish organizations considering using the cloud.  

Thus, any previous potential for interpretations and specific blockages for the use of cloud computing in Denmark are now reduced to a list of very few systems (at present, 6 specific systems) and the path to an assessment of the potential and objectives for the use of cloud computing is clear.  

This white paper provides decision makers and data protection experts with guidance on several aspects, all of which are essential for the legal and secure use of cloud computing in Denmark. 

In connection with the statutory risk assessment of the processing of personal data, the use of cloud services requires a number of questions, which are addressed to both your cloud provider and your own organization. 

In the white, paper you will find - among other things - the following: 

• The latest legal clarifications and official guidelines relevant to cloud computing considerations.  
• Cloud in public strategies and analysis: Public strategies, guides and opinions and other 3rd party analyses.  
• Total Cost of Ownership calculations: The costs and gains that should be included in the decision-making for an investment in new technology. 
• Cloud computing - service and delivery models: Possible service and delivery models in cloud computing  
• Cloud governance: Regulatory cloud governance and Online Service Management. 
• The Microsoft Assurance Framework, which guides the process of conducting a risk assessment and documentation of appropriate security measures.  
• QUESTIONS FOR THE CLOUD PROVIDER – 61 selected questions about contracts, audits, data processing agreements, security checks, management of subcontractors, sustainability, management of authorities requests for data, contingency plans, etc.  
• QUESTIONS FOR YOUR OWN ORGANISATION – 18 selected questions about establishing strategy, business plan, risk assessment, general compliance, organization, competence building, and implementation plans. 

With this white paper, you will get a guide to how Microsoft recommends establishing the best possible evaluation, compliance and security setup, and governance model when storing and processing personal data in the cloud.  

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