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AZUREPLAT - Uncovering AI in Finland - 2018 Field Guide to AI

Artificial intelligence will significantly change the ways we run our businesses and perform our work in the coming years. AI is also seen to carry a huge economic and growth potential. To capture that, Finland and Finnish organizations need to act now.

This study explores how 20 leading Finnish organizations, both commercial and public, are embracing AI opportunities in practice to capture this potential. Additionally, we discuss the role AI is currently playing in Finnish business and public scenes and dig deeper into the practical use cases and current best practices identified to set the pace for the AI journey. For concrete examples, the study contains concrete examples of how Amer Sports, City of Espoo, Elisa, HUS, Kone, OP, Stora Enso and Veikkaus have approached and implemented artificial intelligence.

Completing the study, an introduction to number of selected AI partners will hopefully help you to make the most out of artificial intelligence.
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