Knowledge Mining – Uncover Latent Insights within Your Organization

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Knowledge Mining – Uncover Latent Insights within Your Organization

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Do you want to increase the pace of the business, but find it challenging to sort through the overwhelming yet increasing amount of information?

Do you want to process, store, and categorize archival or unstructured information without investing headcounts or resources to do them manually?

Do you want to combine internal data with third party data to gain enriched insights?

In this virtual event, we invite Business Leaders, IT/Technology Managers and Data & AI Professionals to join us and learn more about how you can uncover latent insights and increase business agility with knowledge mining.

You will hear from not only Microsoft but also two specialized partners on their real-world experience applying knowledge mining to solve business challenges.

During the session, you can expect to learn:

  • The business value of knowledge mining
  • The business scenarios and use cases where knowledge mining can be applied
  • How you can get started with knowledge mining using Azure AI services


  • Ignacio Floristan, Global Black Belt AI Specialist at Microsoft
  • Henrik Slettene, Head of AI & Machine Learning at Inmeta
  • Aakash Shirodkar, Director of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science at Cognizant


  • Izabela Hawrylko, Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft