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Protect Identities, Devices and Your Company Information in Today’s Device-Centric World 

As an IT leader—identity management, device management, and information protection are critical to what you do. Traditionally, all three have relied on software that ran inside your organization.

This worked—because the identities, devices, and information were also largely inside your organization. Today, it’s a different world. Your workforce is taking their mobile devices everywhere, accessing both on-premises and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Now, your data protection must extend across Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices, whether in your conference room or at Starbucks. This is the cloud-centric, device-centric world your modern workforce expects.

In this new vision eBook, "Protecting and Empowering Your Connected Organization", from Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility team, you’ll learn:

• How your control plane for all these services needs to move from your own datacenter to the cloud

• How this approach lets you provide everything your users expect, while still giving you the protection and control you need