A Guide to Working Smarter and Living Better

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A Guide to Working Smarter and Living Better

Most people have never been taught to work, and most have never been taught how to work remotely. A very bold statement! However, this is one of the most important reasons for people feeling stressed and out of control. Most of us are committed to our role and want to do a good job. We are neither lazy nor unwilling. But we are not always working efficiently; we are working hard but not always smart. The good news is that there is a better way.

In this guide, workplace productivity thought leader and coach, Cyril Peupion, provides 4 ‘gold nuggets’ for working smarter and being more in control:

  1. Batching
  2. One touch, one decision
  3. Prioritize by impact
  4. Create deep focus

If you’re struggling with your day-to-day workload, feeling overburdened with endless messages and trying to figure out how to best to work remotely, use this guide as a starting point for a new approach to your workday.

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