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Virtual Security Summit

On Demand

Register now to watch the Virtual Security Summit on demand, a three-hour event that was recorded live in Redmond, WA on April 16, 2019 featuring cutting-edge security insights. Hear from Microsoft IT and security leaders on how to help implement strong privacy principles, fight cybercrime, and utilize advanced analytics to identify threats in real time. Gain knowledge from security experts on the lifecycle of an attack and develop techniques for how to defend your organization through innovations in cybersecurity.


Sian John
Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft

Mark Simos
Lead Architect, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft

Kristina Laidler
Senior Director, SOC and Incident
Response, Digital Security and Risk Engineering, Microsoft

Diana Kelley
Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity, Microsoft

Pete Boden
General Manager, Security,
Intelligence and Engineering, Microsoft

Sean Sweeney
Director & Chief Security Advisor, Cybersecurity Solutions Group