Speaking of security webinar series

The new foundational architecture for protecting user identity, devices, and data requires a strategy for a fully integrated security platform. In this webinar series, you will hear directly from the CISO’s organization who are responsible for protecting the company’s enterprise. They will showcase our overarching strategy to provide information about our approach to security all-up including how we allocate investments, our approach to discussions with executives, and an overview of our business. This series will go into detail on each of the six key strategies the Bret Arsenault, the Microsoft CISO, shared in this webinar.

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Speaking of security: Privacy compliance  

Speaking of security: Device health  

Speaking of security: Information protection  

Speaking of security: Identity management  

Speaking of security: Cloud migration  

Speaking of security: Risk management  

Speaking of security: Data and telemetry  

Speaking of security: A discussion with Bret Arsenault, CISO at Microsoft